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Market Studies
Available Anywhere.
MarketGraphics custom research services incorporate the best research systems, real-life insights, solid forecasting, and a world-class team into well-reasoned, viable solutions. Custom research can include mapping of buyers draw area, depth of market by demographics segment, total market forecast, demand, competition, pricing, absorption rate scenarios, design recommendations, and summarized feasibility ratings.

These comprehensive research studies are used by clients as a continuing guide for planning, financing, market evaluation, design development, risk control, demographics, PR, marketing, and sales.
Residential * Multifamily * Commercial * Governmental & Economic
Example Studies:

• Homebuilder market expansion across the U.S.
• A community rebuilding plan following a devastating tornado.
• Recommendations for builders and municipalities for underserved markets.
• An urban mixed-use study for a redevelopment project.
• Consortium Firm Housing Needs Analysis.
MarketGraphics Market Name Publication Schedule
Alabama Coast & Florida Panhandle AL & FL Jan/May/Sep
Greensboro Triad Region, NC Jan/May/Sep
Kansas City Metro, KS & MO Jan/May/Sep
Knoxville Metro, TN Jan/May/Sep
North & South Carolina Coastal Region, NC & SC Jan/May/Sep
Des Moines Metro, IA Feb/June/Oct
Georgia & South Carolina, Coastal Region, GA & SC Feb/June/Oct
Huntsville Region, AL Feb/June/Oct
Jacksonville Metro, FL Feb/June/Oct
Montgomery County, TN Feb/June/Oct
Nashville Metro, TN Feb/June/Oct
Birmingham & Tuscaloosa, AL Mar/July/Nov
Chattanooga Region, TN & GA Mar/July/Nov
Memphis Metro, TN, MS & AR Mar/July/Nov
St.Louis Region, MO & IL Mar/July/Nov
Virginia Central, VA Mar/July/Nov
Charleston, SC Apr/Aug/Dec
Indianapolis Metro, IN Apr/Aug/Dec
Louisville Metro, KY & IN Apr/Aug/Dec
Omaha/Lincoln, NE & IA Apr/Aug/Dec