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Our Mapping Data Analysis System provides a
variety of custom mapping products to illustrate a
wide range of real estate related topics.
Strategic Planning Map Atlas
This easy to use resource allows for a quick visual of field audited subdivisions within a MarketGraphics defined area, county or entire market. In addition to the GPS located new home subdivisions, the Atlas can include data variables such as starts and closings in the last four months and 12 months, Developed Lot Inventory, and Undeveloped Lot Inventory. Each subdivision is color-coded by their monthly absorption rate and development status.

Strategic Planning Wall Maps
Wall maps are generally about 4 ft. x 4 ft. in size. These maps are organized by county and MG Area and identify the location of every subdivision being monitored, color-coded by their monthly absorption rate and development status. A corresponding Map Index is provided with each wall map.
New Home Subdivision Locator Maps
Easily identify each new home subdivision in any given MarketGraphics regular research areas. Each subdivision is GPS located and color-coded by absorption rate. Maps can be provided in a variety of sizes.

Retail/Commercial Maps
Clients utilize these maps as a narrative tool to demonstrate value or opportunity based on spatial relativity, and to identify opportunity in the retail/commercial market in relation to their proximity to other businesses, housing, traffic patterns, and more.
MarketGraphics Market Name Publication Schedule
Alabama Coast & Florida Panhandle AL & FL Jan/May/Sep
Greensboro Triad Region, NC Jan/May/Sep
Kansas City Metro, KS & MO Jan/May/Sep
Knoxville Metro, TN Jan/May/Sep
North & South Carolina Coastal Region, NC & SC Jan/May/Sep
Des Moines Metro, IA Feb/June/Oct
Georgia & South Carolina, Coastal Region, GA & SC Feb/June/Oct
Huntsville Region, AL Feb/June/Oct
Jacksonville Metro, FL Feb/June/Oct
Montgomery County, TN Feb/June/Oct
Nashville Metro, TN Feb/June/Oct
Birmingham & Tuscaloosa, AL Mar/July/Nov
Chattanooga Region, TN & GA Mar/July/Nov
Memphis Metro, TN, MS & AR Mar/July/Nov
St.Louis Region, MO & IL Mar/July/Nov
Virginia Central, VA Mar/July/Nov
Charleston, SC Apr/Aug/Dec
Indianapolis Metro, IN Apr/Aug/Dec
Louisville Metro, KY & IN Apr/Aug/Dec
Omaha/Lincoln, NE & IA Apr/Aug/Dec