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Tools and

Each level of client benefits from MarketGraphics’
Regular updates: four-month intervals showing real trends
Accurate data: personal field audits, not internet sourced
Time perspective: short-term and long-term trends illustrated
Forecasting: continually updated as conditions change
Risk analysis: a culmination of data and insight for the housing industry

A wide variety of pre-formatted reports are available in each of the 21 field audited markets to satisfy the housing and development data and insight needs of all types of clients.

Builders, developers, investors, building manufacturers and suppliers, financial institutions, appraisers, utility companies, EDC’s, cities, commercial and retail companies and subcontractors and more.
Housing and Subdivision Analysis Report and Consulting
The most comprehensive service offered by MarketGraphics includes a comprehensive report with subdivision level data, web-based data search and mapping tools, risk analysis software and personalized presentations. Used for high-level strategy with the detail to back it up. Read more...
Strategic Housing Forecast Report and Consulting
This customizable service combines a summary overview of a metro area and a forecast of the projected supply and demand by area and price point for a big picture perspective. The pre-formatted report can be customized with additional strategic consulting. Read more...
Market Summary Report
This report offers a brief, high-level overview of the market with sub-market level data. Key housing market indicators keep clients up to date without all the detail. Read more...
Multi-Market Summary Report
Key, high-level information from each MarketGraphics field audited market is combined in an easy side-by-side comparison of each housing market. This tool is ideal for companies assessing multiple market or regional trends. Read more...
Custom Study Area Report
Clients with unique geographic needs or data sets can customize a study based on the same field audit data used in the formatted reports. Typical requests are from commercial or retail businesses with set geographic boundaries for data coverage. Read more...
Permit Report
This monthly, online report itemizes building permit activity and market share by county with monthly variations shown for multiple years. Read more...
MarketGraphics Market Name Publication Schedule
Alabama Coast & Florida Panhandle AL & FL Jan/May/Sep
Greensboro Triad Region, NC Jan/May/Sep
Kansas City Metro, KS & MO Jan/May/Sep
Knoxville Metro, TN Jan/May/Sep
North & South Carolina Coastal Region, NC & SC Jan/May/Sep
Des Moines Metro, IA Feb/June/Oct
Georgia & South Carolina, Coastal Region, GA & SC Feb/June/Oct
Huntsville Region, AL Feb/June/Oct
Jacksonville Metro, FL Feb/June/Oct
Montgomery County, TN Feb/June/Oct
Nashville Metro, TN Feb/June/Oct
Birmingham & Tuscaloosa, AL Mar/July/Nov
Chattanooga Region, TN & GA Mar/July/Nov
Memphis Metro, TN, MS & AR Mar/July/Nov
St.Louis Region, MO & IL Mar/July/Nov
Virginia Central, VA Mar/July/Nov
Charleston, SC Apr/Aug/Dec
Indianapolis Metro, IN Apr/Aug/Dec
Louisville Metro, KY & IN Apr/Aug/Dec
Omaha/Lincoln, NE & IA Apr/Aug/Dec